Dinner in White Menorca: 15 August!

Elegance, ethics, aesthetics, ecology, education. These are the five “e’s” of the Dinner in White, an event born in France, in Paris, in 1988. The idea came from François Pasquier who decided to organise a picnic in a park on the outskirts of the city and he asked his guests to dress in white so as to be recognisable.

Since then, the Dîner en Blanc has become an international event spanning 6 continents and celebrated in over 85 cities. Capitals such as Montreal, New York, Barcelona, Sydney, to name but a few, spread across more than 30 countries around the world and the numbers are set to change!

In Milan I have participated in several Dinners in White and they have always been exciting evenings. The idea is to ‘dress’ a square, a street, a garden all together in white. A surprising and each time different place that, seen from above, looks like a big dining table for a dinner under the stars, on 15 August, in Menorca.


What is the Dinner in White Menorca? A magical evening with a few simple rules. Each participant must dress in white and must bring what they need to dine under the stars: table, chairs, food, fabric tablecloth and ceramic crockery, glasses and glass bottles. At the end of the evening, everyone also takes away their rubbish.


The Dinner in White Menorca costs NOTHING! To participate, is by FILLING IN THE APPLICATION FORM, specifying the number of tables and diners. So we have an idea of how many people will be present on 15 August.



Only 24 hours beforehand is the location of the Dinner in White Menorca announced. Communication arrives by e-mail: check also spam! If by 21-22 on 14 August you have not received an email confirming the venue, please CONTACT US immediately by email and/or via WhatsApp on +34 622200633.



The Dinner in White Menorca is a kind of flash mob in which participants gather in one place with the aim of creating an elegant, sober, ecological dinner. It’s a polite and gentle occupation of the territory.


It’s essential to get organised and love team spirit! Share the different activities and, if you have an extra place at the table, let us know. If you are alone, ask for hospitality. We meet at 8.30 p.m. Punctuality is part of the ‘dress code’: it’s elegant to arrive at dinner together.



We suggest that the men be knights, but we are sure that the girls will not lack organisational spirit. We always choose venues where it is possible to unload/load the necessities for the Dinner in White Menorca and with parking spaces close by and convenient to walk to.



To participate in the Dinner in White Menorca, YOU HAVE TO REGISTER by FILLING OUT THE ONLINE FORM.

Do you want to participate in the Dinner in White 2024?


Imagine setting a table with personal items WITHOUT disposable paper and plastic to protect the environment: plates and cutlery, glasses and tablecloths, water jugs, bread baskets… Flowers and candles are welcome as is everyone’s creativity! Imagine an elegant and easily transportable picnic with savoury and sweet pies, cheese and cold cuts, rice and pasta salads, wine, cava, beer…



Corkscrew, lighter, salt and pepper, oil, camera, New Year’s stars (sticks that light up and sparkle; no streamers, fireworks or plastic balloons).

Remember the rubbish bags: everyone must collect their own rubbish and take it home. The Dinner in White is an ethical and sustainable meeting that must not create any inconvenience.

Have you registered for the Dinner in White Menorca and you CAN’T PARTICIPATE? Let us know, thanks!

Dinner in White Menorca, an elegant, ethical and ecological event

Elegant, ethical, ecological with a focus on aesthetics and education. This is the spirit of Dinner in White Menorca, an event that pays tribute to Minorca, to its convivial and welcoming character. In 2017 we were 19 people, in 2019 we were 180, from 17 different countries.
How many will we be in 2022? A lot depends on word of mouth, so share the idea with those who, like us, love Menorca.

2017. Dinner in White “number zero”

There were 19 of us at this trial edition organised at Binidali beach, south coast of Menorca.

14 August 2017, Sant Lluís

2018. First Dinner in White

Over 130 people from 7 nationalities: Spain, Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany, South Africa, South America.

14 August 2018, Es Castell

2019. Second Dinner in White

The garden of Sant Pere Nou, Alaior, welcomes from 8.30pm to midnight 180 people from 17 nations.

14 August 2019, Alaior

2022. Third Dinner in White

Sa Plaça Nova hosts 150 people from 7 countries: Spain, Italy, Great Britain, France, United States, Brazil, Uruguay.

August 15, 2022, Sant Lluís

Where does the Dinner in White take place?

Surprise is as much a part of the ‘dress code’ as white and elegance, respect for the place and the pleasure of being together. Therefore, only 24 hours in advance, or on 14 August at around 8 p.m., is the location of the Dinner in White Menorca known. An event that is an occasion of elegance and an opportunity for sharing.

The Dinner in White is a ‘flash mob’, that is, the sudden and spontaneous meeting of people in a public space. It is the gentle occupation of an area that dissolves in a short time and leaves it exactly as it found it, without a trace! Obviously, in terms of health, any regulations in force on the date of the event are taken into account.

Get ready for an evening of magic, respect, friendliness wrapped in breeze and joy. With live music, as is customary in Menorca. We are waiting for you!

How to participate at Dinner in White Menorca 2024

Who can participate in the Dinner in White Menorca? ALL! Children of all ages are welcome. Dogs, cats and other animals are not allowed due to health regulations. How to participate? The only way to participate is FILL IN THE FORM. If you need more information, if you do not have a table but would like to participate, if you have extra seats for unknown friends… write to us!

+34 622 200 633