Special services for guests of Casa Bonita

When I thought of Casa Bonita Menorca, it was clear to me from the outset that it could not just be a holiday home but a more complex project. Therefore, over time, I thought of offering different services, mostly free of charge, that would make a holiday at Casa Bonita an all-round experience.

Relaxation, massages and wellness

I love massages, I believe it is one of the best ways to take care of body and mind. After a long search, I met Leia and I rely on her as soon as I can. Sharing her skill and professionalism is a pleasure for me!

In your room you will find the ``Massage Page`` that you can have, by appointment, at Casa Bonita Menorca. It’s a paid service: 60 euros for 60 minutes of massage.

Dinner: the restaurant is reserved for you!

From 2021 I am also making restaurant reservations for guests I do not know. These reservations can be cancelled at any time and the choice is different in terms of ambience, prices, menu, location… Everyone is happy with this unexpected service.

Menorca is on the lips of many and it is increasingly difficult to find the right place to dine. Among our free services, there is the booking of tried and tested places.

Bicycles are outside the door!

You have free of charge 2 Mountain-Bikes for adventures along the Cami de Cavalls and 1 City-Bike. For e-bikes and custom-made bikes for hire, we know who to ask!

If you love cycling, here are two Mountain-Bikes and a City-Bike ready: it is one of the free services of Casa Bonita because sustainability for me is 'less car, more bike'.

Besides the sea: experiences

We organise jeep tours, Taximar excursions, boat hire, horse-riding and we recommend concerts, art exhibitions and all that is culture in Menorca.

It is in our DNA to share the best of Menorca and free of charge: our suggestions are the result of experiences gained over the years on the island.

Sunsets and special aperitifs

I am in love with sunsets and love to share them. Menorca has special places, more or less well-known, to experience the magic of the setting of the sun. Perhaps enjoying a glass of ‘cava’, the Spanish sparkling wine, and crunching chips…

It’s one of the most beautiful moments of the day and many, as soon as they arrive, say:``I want to see a sunset!``. Enjoying sunsets with you is a free service.

Picnics on the beach with sunsets

We choose beaches close to home to organize picnics with typical products and homemade recipes such as this focaccia: it’s a different way to experience the sunsets. Son Bou is one of the most popular beaches for our picnics.

picnic minorca casa bonita
Another free service? Yes, because Casa Bonita is not just a holiday home: but a series of experiences! Like picnics in the nature of Menorca.