The sustainability of Casa Bonita Menorca

Since I began to feel the light of reason, I realised that sustainability runs in my DNA and being sustainable is something intrinsic and spontaneous for me. Therefore, over time I have chosen organisations that are active in protecting the territory and traditions of Menorca. I have met special people with whom I love to share actions such as cleaning beaches and fields, planting trees… Experiences that, when possible, I also share with the guests and friends of Casa Bonita Menorca.

GOB Menorca, conscientious ecology

Since 45 years this non-profit association has been committed to the protection and defence of Menorca. As members and volunteers, we support the GOB in “beach and coastline adoption” projects, Custodia Agraria, Bottega del Claustre in Mahon.


Menorca Reserva de Biosfera

Menorca has been a Unesco Biosphere Reserve since 1993 and Casa Bonita Menorca is a sustainable hosting project. We adopt the guidelines of the reserve and are proud to have been awarded the Menorca Reserva de Biosfera brand.

Menorca Reserva Biosfera

Menorca Preservation

Menorca Preservation supports local environmental initiatives. We believe that strengthening local initiatives is crucial to contribute to sustainable change in Menorca and we collaborate with the “1 € per table/rent” project.

Trebaluger Equine Rescue Centre

Ten minutes from Casa Bonita, there is a shelter that takes in neglected or abandoned horses and donkeys. Created by three English friends, we support it with a monthly donation that covers part of the animals’ needs.

Contributing is always a pleasure, in Menorca it is an honour: being sustainable is my way of saying thank you to the island that has welcomed me and makes me feel at home

Gloria Vanni